Down by the water total environment Jakkur

An upcoming project called Total Environment Jakkur is situated in North Bangalore. This project, which looks to revolutionize modern life by smoothly blending nature and architecture, is also located in one of the city's locations that are now undergoing main renovation. This project is another example of totalenvironment down by the water Jakkur pre-launching a unique and environmentally conscious approach to building.

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Project Configuration

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Basketball Court

Outdoor Gym

Jogging Track

Billiards Table

Steam Rooms

Tennis Court

Skating Rink

Swimming Pools


Kids’ Play Area

Pet Park

Total Environment Experience



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A rich living experience is promised by the Total Environment project in Jakkur by achieving a harmonious balance between the constructed environment and the surrounding environment. The main focus of the design was to include open spaces and greenery in the residential complex. This guarantees that locals have easy access to nature, encouraging a fit and rejuvenating lifestyle.

The project offers a variety of meticulously planned homes, accommodating various preferences and needs. Total Environment offers solutions to fit every taste, whether you're seeking roomy villas, opulent flats, or stylish row houses. The architecture is distinguished by modern aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing an appealing as well as helpful living space.

The totalenvironment down by the water Jakkur Bangalore offers a wide range of amenities and facilities in addition to residential units. A well-equipped clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness centre, beautifully landscaped gardens, and specific areas for socializing and recreation are available to residents. To encourage an energetic and active neighbourhood, the proposal also contains provisions for playgrounds for kids, jogging trails, and sports facilities.

The Total Environment Bangalore's dedication to sustainability is one of its important features. Energy efficiency and waste reduction are prioritized in the construction methods, which follow environmentally friendly guidelines. The project features solar panels, efficient waste management practices, and rainwater collecting systems to reduce its environmental effect and work towards a better future.

The project's location also provides superb access to Bangalore's major commercial centres, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment districts. Being a well-developed area, Jakkur guarantees people easy access to necessities and amenities, making it a great place to live.

By enhancing the quality of life for its citizens, Total Environment Jakkur provides a variety of amenities. These facilities are created to meet their various needs and offer a luxurious and practical way of life.

A well-kept pool is one of the main features offered by totalenvironment down by the water. Apartments can unwind at the pool and have a refreshing swim. After a hard day, the pool area is the ideal location to unwind because it is created to provide a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

The apartment building has a cutting-edge exercise centre for fitness buffs. Residents can exercise in a variety of ways thanks to the availability of sophisticated fitness equipment. They can continue to lead an active lifestyle because the fitness centre provides a dedicated space for exercise and is easily accessible.

down by the water Jakkur also has a clubhouse where locals may mingle and enjoy quality time with neighbours and friends. The clubhouse offers a lively communal place for gatherings, celebrations, and leisurely pursuits. Its main role for a gathering place for locals, encouraging a sense of community and belonging.

North Bangalore's Jakkur neighbourhood is a quiet one with excellent transportation options. Its location distant from the city's center provides residents with a serene way of life. Jakkur makes it simple to go to other areas of Bangalore because of its excellent access to main roads and highways. The adjacent Kempegowda International Airport is also easily accessible. The region is renowned for its verdant surroundings, which contribute to the refreshing and natural atmosphere. To ensure that inhabitants have access to all they require, Jakkur provides a variety of amenities and facilities, including educational institutions, shopping malls, and healthcare facilities. The optimal location and connectedness of Jakkur make it a great area to live, whether it is for employment, school, or leisure.